Declutter Your House Like a Professional Organizer (Here’s How)

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Clean Once a Week

Taking the time to clean your home’s major surfaces once a week is not a major commitment, but it can make a serious difference in the way your space looks and feels. “My quick cleaning routine involves running one Swiffer pad over the shelves near my windows and sweeping the floor. Every few weeks I take things a step further and run a cloth along tinier home surfaces, like the edges of my picture frames,” writes Richmond.

Give Objects a Home

“The most important lesson I teach my organization clients is that everything has a home,” Richmond shares. When you designate locations for all of your belongings, clutter is much easier to manage and it makes cleaning up a cinch. If things get out of place during a busy week, simply take a few minutes to put things away over the weekend.

Head to MindBodyGreen for more tips from Richmond on how to declutter your home.


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