Declutter Your House Like a Professional Organizer (Here’s How)

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Few things are worse than coming home from a long day only to find that your house is a mess and in need of a deep clean. It’s all too easy to let unopened mail pile up, neglect sticky kitchen counters, and forget to unload the dishwasher before making a new mess. If there’s one person who knows how to handle these common pitfalls, it’s organization coach¬†Maeve Richmond. She recently shared her personal secrets to keeping a tidy home and not letting clutter get out of control with¬†MindBodyGreen. It seems the answer to a neat space is by adopting a few easy routines. Here’s how Richmond keeps her home clutter-free.

Designate a “Drop Zone”

According to Richmond, this is a place near the front entrance of your home where you can toss everyday items like your wallet, keys, and gym bag when you come home. Use a table, cabinet, bench, or shelf to hold all your essentials so you always know exactly where they are.

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