5 Tips to Create an Organized Command Center

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Here are 5 tips to create a super organized command center, if you need some ideas:

  • Opt for a dry-erase calendar-  They’re so much more flexible to use than a paper calendar (if you’re like me and have to scratch out and rewrite reminders/events all the time). They are much less messy and easier on dust allergies than chalkboards too.
  • Use a memo board for important papers-  Keep push pins handy for any important documents, lists, bills, or whatever that need to remain front and center.
  • Have a space for messages-  Our board came with a “notes” section, which I love. It’s great for highlighting important reminders to family.
  • Use hooks for keys- This one’s probably like, “duh”.  But hooks, especially ones with labels so you have “a parking spot”, help so much when you’re in a rush to get out of the door.
  • Incorporate a labeled mail sorter- Have a slot for “in” mail and a slot for “file”.  If you’re a budget shopping lover, having a slot for “coupons” helps too.

Robert and I immediately breathed a sigh of relief in unison when this was all finished.  Adulting just got WAY easier.  Well, okay a little easier.  Adulting is just hard, ya know?

Now that the linen closet is organized, the pantry cabinet is orderly, the playroom has a sorting system, and this wall is improved, I am one happyyyyyy mama!

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