5 Tips to Create an Organized Command Center

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No shelf = no place to stash random junk

I found this gold framed dry erase board last month in HomeGoods, and it was really what spurred on this whole kitchen command center idea.

This mail sorter was perched right beside it on the same shelf, and I decided it was fate.  A little polished, a little rough wood, and a whole lot of organize-y happiness.

And then this clock was just begging me to take it home in the check-out line.  (Side note: I totally believe it’s a conspiracy that HomeGoods always has a line at the register because they know you’ll find at least one thing you can’t live without that they so conveniently display while you’re standing there waiting. Sneaky sneaky.)

All we needed after that was a memo board that I picked up at Target and a key rack that I made using some Hobby Lobby supplies, and we were in business.

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