3 steps to getting better organized

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I’ll just give you the first couple of lines from each of his suggestions. The MOMENT you want to read more, just click to read the full article!

1. Write things down.

Yep, you need to write more stuff down. Keeping it jumbled in your inbox, making “mental notes,” or even jamming to-dos into your calendar isn’t good enough.

2. Run a quick 80/20 analysis.

The Pareto Principle most likely applies to your workload. 80 percent of your work probably comes from 20 percent of the people you work with. 80 percent of your time is probably spent on 20 percent of your tasks. And so on.

3. Adjust your day, even just a little bit.

When your day is hectic, it’s important that you don’t just blindly dive in. Of course, some of the activity and demands on your time and attention are beyond your control. That’s modern work life.

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