15 Closet Organizing Tricks That’ll Actually Work

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3. Turn to a closet organizing system out of the box if you’re starting from scratch.

Having your bedazzled box clutches on display makes for gorgeous ‘grams but not so much for everyday function. This set has everything you need (including the hardware) to turn a blank closet into a great start. It includes 132″ of hanging space, 216″ of shelf space (includes 36″ shoe shelf), and is configured for 5’–8′ wide closets.

Promising review: “This is great. I tripled my storage capacity on the back wall of my closet. I also cut down the old 8′ section of shelving and integrated it into this shelving system with some extra brackets from a local hardware store. No part of this unit touches the floor like the cheaper version of this unit does. It is very sturdy. I had studs on 16″ centers so this unit was perfect. I didn’t have to drill new holes in the hanging bracket and most of the verticals caught studs, as well. I wish I had bought this sooner.” —Edward F.

Get it from Amazon for $113.99. Or check out some simpler systems from Hayneedle for $37.64 or Walmart for $53.69.

4. Mount motion sensor lights (like I did!) in there to see the differences between your two denim jackets.

These stick on with 3M adhesive pads and take AAA batteries. These are the lights I have in my closet and they put out A LOT of light. Now I can actually see which of my 20 LBDs I want without pulling them all of my closet rod.

Promising review: “I put one in my closet, which has very little light. I love that it turns on when it senses motion and then turns off automatically again. I wound up gluing a flat metal washer to the wall to which the magnet on this light sticks. That way, if I need some detailed lighting, I just grab the light off the wall, take a look at what I need, and then stick it back to the wall again. It’s a lot more convenient than trying to find where I put the flashlight.” —Debbie

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in white or warm white light).

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